Place Value

The last couple weeks have been focused on taking what we know about numbers to a deeper level. We have been representing numbers in TONS of different ways since the beginning of the year, but now we are learning how to use Base 10 Blocks and Place Value to show what a number means. For some of you (parents), you might not remember Base 10 Blocks, so now is your opportunity 2P kids to teach your parents something new!! You are the experts now!

Here are some things to get you started:

~ Place Value Street: What houses can you find on Place Value Street? Who lives in each house? (hint: my brother-in-law lives in the Tens House!)

~ Base 10 Blocks: What are they? What are the 3 types that we have looked at? What does each one mean?

~ Adding: Can you write a number sentence stacked up AND draw it in the place value chart? What happens if there are too many Base 10 Blocks in each house (hint: more than 9 is too crowded!! Make a group and send them next door!)

Challenge: (I don’t know if this will work…) Make a video showing you adding by writing the number sentence (like we did on the little whiteboards) AND using Base 10 Blocks in a place value chart. If you are able, try uploading it and sharing it in a comment on this post so we can all see what you did! If that doesn’t work, email it to me and I will try and put it on the blog. Have fun teaching your parents!! 

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    My mom and dad do not understand

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