Types of Words

We really want to start doing some Madlibs together, but before we can do that, we need to know what the different types of words (parts of speech) there are! Today we first started with nouns, then moved onto adjectives, then finished up with verbs.

Challenge: Find 3 nouns from around your house and write an adjective to describe each one! 

An adverb is a word that describes the verb. For example: run (verb) quickly (adverb)

Challenge #2: Choose 3 verbs from our list and write a word that describes it (adverb).


Adjective Nouns Verb

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  1.   Jesse on December 1st, 2015          Reply

    Red exercise ball
    Bright lights
    Comfy couch

    Running fast
    Reading quietly
    Eat fast

  2.   Ella on December 2nd, 2015          Reply

    Fancy ornament
    Beautiful Chirstmas tree
    Big Christmas stocking

    Dancing slowly
    Moving fast
    Waving happily

  3.   Keaton on December 2nd, 2015          Reply

    The 3 nouns I came up with are

    1.Mom – nice

    2.LEGO – Fun

    3.room – mine

  4.   Keaton on December 2nd, 2015          Reply

    Reading fast

    Swimming slow

    Burped disturbingly

  5.   Ameesha on December 2nd, 2015          Reply

    dad is strong

    my dog is lazy

    Cuba is hot

    school is fun

    dragons are scary

  6.   Sophie Forsyth on December 2nd, 2015          Reply

    1. The Christmas tree is beautiful
    2. My dog Daisy has a great smile
    3. The elf on the shelf is nice

    1. Clap loudly
    2. Running fast
    3. Dance happily

  7.   Cassie on December 2nd, 2015          Reply

    Challenge #1:
    Nouns and Adjectives:
    Old shoe
    Red clock
    Long banana

    Challenge #2:
    Verbs and Adverbs:
    Skate quickly
    Clap loudly
    Burp quietly

  8.   Alaina on December 2nd, 2015          Reply

    The stocking is soft.My elf is funny.My Dad is cool.

  9.   Alaina on December 2nd, 2015          Reply

    The stocking is soft. My elf is funny. My Dad is cool.

  10.   Alaina on December 2nd, 2015          Reply

    jump high
    read fast
    clap slow

  11.   Ryan on December 3rd, 2015          Reply

    Challenge #1
    1. Bright light
    2. Breakable Lego
    3. Warm, blue shirt

    Challenge #2
    1. Jumping fast
    2. Slowly walking
    3. Awesome play

  12.   Katia on December 9th, 2015          Reply

    Challenge #1
    1. Cute Katia
    2. Cozy bed
    3. Still elf

    Challenge #2
    1. swim fast
    2. spin slow
    3. clap cheerfully
    Bonus: sleep peacefully

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