Thermometers and Temperature

Last week with Mme. Ploughman, the kids started looking at temperature/hot/cold, etc. Today we revisited a thermometer and how to read it. We noticed that on thermometers, there are tiny lines to represent counting by 1s, medium lines to count by 5s, and big lines to count by 10s. Cassie pointed out that the reason there are different sizes in lines is to help us find the numbers faster by skip counting! We then laid out a MASSIVE number line that had numbers above zero (positives which are warmer) and numbers below zero (negatives which are colder). We then practiced finding the numbers and figured out which numbers were warmer or colder.

Challenge: Find different temperatures around your house and compare the numbers. Which one is colder (and how do you know)? Which one is warmer (and how do you know)??

Extra Challenge: Draw your own thermometer and play the hotter/colder game with your parents. Don’t forget the most important part: tell them how you know the answer!!


Thermometer picture

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  1.   Cassie on November 17th, 2015          Reply

    Thanks for putting my name in the blog. I found a thermometer in my house that tells the temperature inside and outside. It is 2 outside and 20 inside. Outside is colder because 2 is smaller then 20.

  2.   Katia on November 17th, 2015          Reply

    The thermometer in our living room is 21C. In my fish tank the thermometer is 26C. The thermometer in my sister’s gecko’s terrarium is 27C. The thermostat in the basement is 22C. It is hottest in the terrarium and I know that because 27 is the highest number. It is coldest in our living room and I know that because 21 is the smallest number.

  3.   Keaton on November 18th, 2015          Reply

    Our living room is warmer because it has a fireplace. My bedroom is also warm because I have a thick blanket. Outside is cold because it’s snowing. The fridge is cold because it has to be cold to keep food fresh.

    Inside our house, it’s 20 degrees. Outside our house, it’s 1 degree.

  4.   Kayla on November 18th, 2015          Reply

    our freezer is cold with ice.A litebolb is hot.

  5.   Ameesha on November 18th, 2015          Reply

    My mom and I looked around the house and found that our refrigerator shows two temperatures, one temperature was for the freezer at -15C and another of 4C for the fridge. This allows food to be kept either frozen so they don’t go bad or cold. The house temperature on our thermostat showed 21 degrees C. The freezer is the coldest because it is -15 degrees. The fridge is colder than our house because 4 degrees celcius is less than 21 degrees celcius. Our house is cozy warm at 21 degrees.

  6.   Katia on November 19th, 2015          Reply

    Did you know that today was the first day since April 6 that the temperature was below zero all day.

  7.   Ella on November 19th, 2015          Reply

    The heating thermostat in our house is set at 21. If we are cold we can turn it higher.
    The temperature is lower in winter than in summer.

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