Our little visitor today

Today, I conquered a little fear. I was not only in the same room, but right up close to an actual bat! It did help that I knew he couldn’t fly, and was still a little freaky, but it was so amazing! The kids had a great time learning a bit more about bats and got to get right up close to check out this little guy. Afterwards, the kids shared some of the interesting facts they learned about bats this week.

Your challenge tonight (and the weekend) is to share what you learned about bats with your parents! I know I learned a lot this week, so I bet you could teach your parents some new things too! If you’re really excited, leave a comment with some of your favourite “Bat Facts”. 


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  1.   Jesse on November 6th, 2015          Reply

    My favorite was the echo location sounds.

  2.   Keaton on November 7th, 2015          Reply

    That they scream so loud that you can not hear it! Their fingers are in the wings! Plus Vampire bats have special saliva that you won’t stop bleeding of bitten by one!

  3.   Alaina on November 10th, 2015          Reply

    they have speshle ears to hear the other bats.

  4.   Alaina on November 10th, 2015          Reply

    they eat alot of masceatos.

  5.   Sophie Forsyth on November 11th, 2015          Reply

    Their fingers are very long because of their wings
    They eat moths and moscketeos (mosquitoes)

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