Wonders and Imagination

We have talked lots since the beginning of school about our imaginations and how it is so important for us to use them in everything that we do! Today, we looked at how our imaginations can help us wonder things… and also how we can only really learn things when we wonder them for ourselves rather than have someone just tell us.

First we started by reading the book “Stella, Princess of the Sky” where Stella and her little brother, Sam wonder about different things. Click on the link read the story. Click on the other link to read a different story about Stella and Sam’s wonders!

Stella, Princess of the Sky: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfqaTvokCg8 

Stella, Star of the Sea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaZxHofQn68

Afterwards, we started sharing different things that we wonder and trying to find the answers on the AWESOME website called Wonderopolis (http://wonderopolis.org/). Tonight with your families, share some different wonders you have and see if you can find any information or answers on Wonderopolis!

Challenge: Leave a comment below with 1, 2, 3 or more of your wonders. If you want to add to your challenge, write some of the answers you discovered!! I wonder what are some of your parents’ wonders??? Sometimes that is tricky for grown-ups!

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  1.   Jesse on October 27th, 2015          Reply

    Why does NOS make cars go Fast & Furious?
    What is the earth’s core made out of?
    Why is Nunavit so cold?

  2.   Keaton on October 27th, 2015          Reply

    Keaton say he wonders what it would be like to live with dinosaurs and to be telakanis and how many different kind of rocks there are?

  3.   Keaton on October 27th, 2015          Reply

    We read a bout last night about earthquakes and learned that the earth core is made of metal and is hot enough to melt iron!

  4.   Ella on October 28th, 2015          Reply

    How do tornadoes happen?

    Can you make a tornado?

    How far is the Earth from the Sun?

    Why do we need blood in our bodies?

    Would you burn your hand if you touched a star?

    Is the tooth fairy real?

    Ella was not able to get answers to any of her questions on Wonderopolis

  5.   Sophie on October 28th, 2015          Reply

    Sophie wonders
    1) How does oxygen come from plants? Plants help make fresh air but how does that happen?
    2) How are some animals faster than humans? After all we are all mammals but some of them are faster than us.
    3) After we die how can we still be alive in Heaven? (Parent comment – wow, I wonder if wondeopokis can actually answer this one!)

  6.   Katia on October 28th, 2015          Reply

    I wonder who I will be in love with when I grow up ?
    I wonder if I will be spooked by a poping out spider at Halloween?
    I wonder why pluto became a dwarf planet?

  7.   Katia on October 28th, 2015          Reply

    Ploto isn’t a planet because there are 3 rules but Ploto didn’t follow the 3rd rule and that is all.

  8.   Cassie on October 29th, 2015          Reply

    1. I wonder if my dog Raffi talks.
    2. I wonder if Raffi is a cool kid.
    3. How is money made?

  9.   Ameesha on November 2nd, 2015          Reply

    1. I wonder how they make fireworks
    2. I wonder how many stars are in the sky

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