Election Day!!

Well everyone, I dropped the ball and messed up. Shocker I know!! I closed down my laptop quickly after school was done in order to go vote before the lineups got too long and I accidentally deleted all of our responses from our conversation today about the Prime Minister!! So we are going to try a different way… please leave a comment below answering both questions:

  1. If you were the Prime Minister, what would you do for Canada?
  2. Out of the 4 people (candidates) who want to be Prime Minister, who would you choose and why?

PM Leaders

Stephen          Liz               Tom           Justin

The kids had some AWESOME and surprisingly insightful ideas about who the next Prime Minister should be! I look forward to reading your answers!

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  1.   Cassie on October 20th, 2015          Reply

    If I were the prime minister I would make everything fair. If someone had 1 banana and another person had 2 bananas then I would give the first person another banana. If I could vote in the election I would vote for Justin Trudeau because he looks nice and smart and he’s handsome.

  2.   Katia on October 20th, 2015          Reply

    If I were Prime Minister I would let everyone do whatever they want except boys couldn’t take their t-shirts off in public because it’s embarassing.

    I would like Steve Harper to stay as Prime Minister because he gives families money for great kid activities.

  3.   Keaton on October 20th, 2015          Reply

    If I were Prime Minister I would switch school week for weekend so we had more time with family on the weekend! I would vote for Justin cause he looks like superman and I like Justin Bieber songs!

  4.   Alaina on October 20th, 2015          Reply

    If I was prime minister I would let everyone have free stuff and make it a better place by getting pretty trees and flowers and bushes.

  5.   Alaina on October 20th, 2015          Reply

    I would vote for Stephen Harper because he looks very smart and nice and like he would be a good prime minister.

  6.   Sophie on October 27th, 2015          Reply

    If I were Prime Minister I’d give everyone money to buy stuff that they need.

    I’d vote for the guy on the end (Justin Trudeau) because he looks like he’s nice, plus he already won so he already is the Prime Minister

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