Attention: Reading Volunteers & Reading Tips for Parents

This is actually specifically for the volunteers who are coming to read with the students during our literacy times, but it is also great information for all parents on how to effectively read with their kids! If you are one of our Reading Buddy Volunteers, please take a few minutes to watch the short video (about 12 minutes) so that you have some information on how to support students who you are reading with, and also some strategies to try.

Please also check out the dropdown menu “Help at Home” and click on the tabs “Building a Reader” and “Reading: 8 Things Parents Should be Doing” for more tips and strategies to help support your child as a reader!

Wee Reads (associated with Calgary Reads) video: 

Building a Reader (blog post):

Reading: 8 Things Parents Should be Doing (blog post):

Thanks for all you do!

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