What we already know about Canadian Communities

Over the last few days, we have started to brainstorm all that we know already about the 3 Canadian communities we will be focusing on this year in Grade 2: the Arctic, Maritimes & the Prairies. It was very interesting to hear the different things that the kids already knew or thought about each community! Check out the pictures below to see what they shared… and to see which communities they knew a lot about, and which [one] they didn’t know much about!

Challenge: talk with your parents and tell them the ideas that YOU shared in class! Tell them what YOU already know about each community. Ask your parents if they are from one of the 3 Canadian communities…. or maybe they are from an entirely different country! Share what you learned in a comment below!

Arctic - What we knowMaritimes - what we knowPrairies - what we know

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  1.   Katia on September 16th, 2015          Reply

    My daddy was born in the Prairies and grew up in British Columbia. My Grampa worked in Tuktoyuktuk in the Arctic. My Mom was born in England and moved to the Prairies when she was 12.

  2.   Ella Cook on September 16th, 2015          Reply

    I learned my Mom is from the Prairies because she has lived in Airdrie all her life like me. My Daddy is not from any of the communities we talked about. He is from Nottingham in England. He moved to Canada when he was 17 years old.

  3.   kayla on September 16th, 2015          Reply

    mi perens are from bc in the mountins. dimins are found in the artic

  4.   Keaton on September 17th, 2015          Reply

    My Dad was raised in the Prairies.
    Mom grew up in BC.

  5.   ameesha on September 17th, 2015          Reply

    my mom and dad were both born in BC. My great Grandparents came to Canada from India more than 60 years ago.My great Grandparents and my Grandparents all lived in BC.

  6.   Cassie on September 17th, 2015          Reply

    My mom and dad are both from the prairies. My dad worked in the arctic.

  7.   Abigail on September 17th, 2015          Reply

    My mom and Dad are both from the maritimes. All my family live in Newfoundland. We go there all the time and there is lots and lots of snow in the winter and sunny in the summer.

  8.   Abigail on September 18th, 2015          Reply

    My Mom and Dad are both from Newfoundland. All my family live in the maritimes.

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