As we begin to explore Hot and Cold and patterns, we will also learn about how symbols are used in our everyday life! Below is a picture of our brainstorming session today about the different things we know about weather. What else do you know about weather? Maybe watch the weather on the news tonight and share what you learned or discovered tomorrow in class!


Challenge: what is the difference between temperature and weather?

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  1.   Cassie on September 13th, 2015          Reply

    Temperature is numbers and weather is what happens outside. So today the temperature is 13 degrees and the weather is rainy.

  2.   kayla on September 14th, 2015          Reply

    Weather is what is happening and temperature is how it feels.

  3.   Katia on September 16th, 2015          Reply

    Temperature is how hot and cold it is and weather is what it looks like. Right now it is a sunny day.

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