IMPORTANT!!! School Forms due ASAP

All the school forms that were sent home in the envelope yesterday are due on Sept. 11 (next Friday), however since we are bravely going to Heritage Park tomorrow, I absolutely NEED the pink “Annual Field Trip Authorization” form and the white (normal) field trip permission form with the money. If your child does not bring these forms with them tomorrow, they unfortunately will not be able to come. Either that someone will be madly phoning anyone who doesn’t have their forms before we go!!!

Also, the forecast tomorrow is cold and rainy. Please send your child with clothing and footwear that is appropriate for walking and also will keep them nice and warm!

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  1.   Marie Innes on September 3rd, 2015          Reply

    Logan will not be attending the field trip tomorrow. Please let me know if there is any info that we should go over with him tomorrow.
    Marie Innes

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