What does “value” mean?

We have talked TONS about needs & wants for each person and communities. But what about values? What does value mean? What do we value? Below is a picture of what the kids decided (through many ideas and examples shared) what value means, following the sentence starter, “I value this because…” (the avoided confusion with the value of something, meaning how much is something worth $$$).


Talk to your families tonight and leave a comment below with what you think a community values. Remember, wants & needs can both be valued…. so what do we value in Airdrie? What do we value in Alberta? What do we value in Canada?


Bonus: What do you think are valued in the Canadian communities: Arctic, Maritimes and Prairies? Are they the same? Are they different?

I’m so curious to hear what you all think! Leave a comment below and share tomorrow!

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  1.   Hayden on March 6th, 2015          Reply

    I Value water so we can drink

  2.   Lena Petersen on March 7th, 2015          Reply

    I value my books because I think they are useful and fun to read.

  3.   Toban on March 8th, 2015          Reply

    – Hotwater Tank
    – Shelter
    – Cultural Traditions
    – Throat Singing
    – Carving
    – Storytelling
    – The land
    – Food Supply


    – Ocean
    – Fresh Water supply
    – Boats
    – Fishing
    – Shipping
    – Ship Building
    – Jobs

    – People

    – Culture
    – Irish, Celtic, Acadian
    – Music/Art

    – Farming/Ranching
    – Sport Teams and Recreation
    – Community Building
    – Volunteering
    – Charity and Giving
    – Snow Removal
    – Formalized Education/Lifelong Learning
    – K-12 / University / Technical Schools

  4.   Lucie on March 9th, 2015          Reply

    Value means that you think some thing is important. The some thing can be a service, a person, a pet, or a place. it is something that you care about, not just something you might pay for.

  5.   Jaden on March 27th, 2015          Reply

    It is interesting to learn about values I value my dog Chopper because I care about him. I value my community because it is where I live. I value my family, because I love them. I value my belongings because they are special to me.

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