Spelling Rule

The spelling rule that we are going to be focusing on for the next couple weeks is “i before e, except after c”. Here are the pictures of the words that the kids found around the class that follows the rule. They should be practicing spelling words with “i before e” (ex. believe), as well as words that follow the other half of the rule, “except after c” (ex. receive). Please have your child practice the rule, not just specific words to memorize as it is the rule that we are focusing on! We will also be practicing in class as well in our regular writing and Word Work centre (in Daily 5), but additional practice at home would be great! Some ideas are having a word hunt in your house to find examples (and feel free to add any additional words in a comment!!!!), or make your own list at home and as you find words out and about or reading or on tv or anything, just add them and keep practicing!

Also, don’t be afraid to keep practicing previous rules too! Bossy e, or 2 vowels go walking and the first one does the talking…
Spelling Rule 1

Spelling Rule 2

After looking closely at the pictures, I realized that there are some up on the board that are not following the rule! If you can spot them, put them in a comment below!


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