2015-16 Exploration #12-CrossFit/Fitness

Our last exploration of Awakening Passions was a sweaty one! We welcomed Coach Steve into our learning space to share his passion for Physical Literacy and his vision of healthy lifestyle and Crossfit.


Coach Steve found CrossFit while working as a personal trainer in 2008. From 2009 until 2015 he worked as a Strength and Conditioning Consultant for the Canadian Sport Institute — Calgary (CSI-C). During this time he was fortunate to learn and work along side some of the most renowned strength and conditioning coaches in Canada and has accumulated thousands of hours of hands on coaching experience. He has honed his skills as a coach working with individuals and groups ranging from the general population to development athletes to national level and professional athletes in a variety of sports. Unbeknownst to his athletes he incorporated CrossFit into their training programs to improve their general fitness, and they loved it!
CrossFit by definition is a general fitness program or General Physical Preparedness (GPP) program. Contrary to popular belief it is not a type of workout, it is a training program which incorporates various training modalities. Having been exposed to a multitude of training methodologies Coach Steve believes for individuals who wish to improve general health and fitness CrossFit is a great option to do so. He also believes for individuals with more specific goals an individualized approach is optimal.
Coach Steve’s training philosophies of teaching functional movement and providing a safe daily training environment is rooted in his background in physics, anatomy and physiology. He believes the biggest benefit from training comes from focusing on improving the quality of movement first, quantity/load second and intensity third. He hopes to clarify throughout the CrossFit community that on a daily basis CrossFit is meant to be a training program and NOT a competition.

Coach Steve works in partnership with Coach Keith and together they run  Integrity Performance CrossFit. Their gym just celebrated their 1st Anniversary!

As we start every week, we let Coach Steve share his story. We didn’t let him get too far before we started sharing our own wonders and personal connections. This made Coach laugh as he embraced our curiosity.


After our Q & A, he shared with us a little bit about the IPC gym he works at and why he believes in this lifestyle. He filled our brains with quite a bit of information and facts (Did you know that we should be doing an hour of physical activity EACH DAY?). He shared stories about some of his members and the risk-taking and trust that occurs daily in their gym. He even showed us a video of a member (71 years of age) demonstrating a rope climb! We thought he was very good and VERY brave!



After his presentation, Coach Steve led us into the gym and got us moving! We worked on our squats, burpees, somersaults, and animal movements (bear crawls, duck walks, etc). We worked hard, got really sweaty and eventually-got tired!

IMG_1112 IMG_1111 IMG_1110  IMG_1135 IMG_1136 IMG_1143 IMG_1133 IMG_1132 IMG_1126 IMG_1127 IMG_1128 IMG_1129 IMG_1130 IMG_1125 IMG_1141 IMG_1140 IMG_1138 IMG_1122 IMG_1123 IMG_1124 IMG_1136 IMG_1137 IMG_1121 IMG_1120 IMG_1119 IMG_1118 IMG_1135 IMG_1115 IMG_1116 IMG_1117 IMG_1134 IMG_1114 IMG_1113


It was full day! We trusted our Coach and worked through movements and started to take feedback. It was a great introduction to Crossfit, more importantly a fantastic reminder of why we need to be active and the simple ways in our day-to-day life we can achieve this.

IMG_1149 IMG_1148 IMG_1150 IMG_1147


Thank you, Coach Steve for spending the morning with us. Thank you for sharing your passion and inspiring some of us to take action.




If you are interested in learning more about Coach Steve or IPC, feel free to check out their website, Twitter feed or Facebook page!



7 thoughts on “2015-16 Exploration #12-CrossFit/Fitness

  1. Hi!
    Exploration 12 was awesome! I was a little tired after the running and that fun and crazy stuff. Anyways. When can you come back and visit and do more fun stuff with us, because I want to learn more stuff to keep us healthy and live longer. Well I do dance 4 days a week and I get really tired, but its a part of life! So…..I had a lot of fun!

  2. It was my faverit AP day becouse we got to work out aand we can live loger and we will be more stoger then we wher before and when we are aldots we are going to be whay stoger then a kid.

    Dilynn saunders.

  3. What a great article you wrote Amber! I’m so glad your kids enjoyed the day and took some lasting lessons from it!
    Maybe we can come back in the future and get the kids moving again!

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