2015-16 Exploration #11-MUSIC

Exploration #11 filled the room with a smiles and a variety of sounds! This exploration was facilitated by 3 wonderful, passionate musicians. Ms. Friske introduced her cousin, Bryan to the project and the rest was history. Bryan, Christophe and Riley filled our hearts and minds with wonderful music and heartfelt stories showcasing their journeys.

As we do every week, we started off hearing how each of our speakers found their passion.

Bryan’s  world has been built around a passion for music. His career,  friends and environment is all thanks to living with this passion. His journey started with the fact that he was   lucky enough to have a piano at home. Bryan would sit there a couple hours a week just banging around and experimenting. He tried formal Piano lessons, it didn’t quite work out so he switched to the guitar and enrolled as a student in a few local music schools over the years as well as hours of self-training in between lessons. He had an older brother who played the drums, so in no time the two were playing along together.  Over the years Bryan started many bands with many friends who had also awakened their passions in a similar way. In 2010 he followed his passion all the way to Hollywood to attend the Musicians Institute, and since have toured all around North America and the UK with his craft. By surrounding himself with anything musical (ever since the day he was first inspired by a favourite song), he has ended up a music teacher running his own studio surrounded by other talented musicians. Bryan is 100% happy with this life, and it’s all due to the awakening of his passion. Bryan’s advice to you-whatever your passion is, follow it! Follow it to the fullest extent. 

Christophe first picked up the guitar at the age of 15. A bit of a late start but hasn’t put it down since. The reason behind his passion for the 6 stings is that he simply wanted to play the music of his idols (Nirvana at the time). His desire to play grew and eventually he decided to further his education based around Music. This magically turned into his job. Teaching and performing and now, repairing guitars. Christophe believes that working in this industry is pretty awesome. He enjoys passing on his knowledge and passion and it is even better, when he can inspire people along the way.

As a child of 4 years old Riley’s mother enrolled him in piano lessons. He didn’t truly love piano until grade 9, when he realized he could play the songs from one of his favorite bands, Iron Maiden, just by listening carefully and finding the notes on the piano. At that moment, Riley’s passion for music was born. He was finally able to create the songs he really wanted to hear on the piano, and thanks to his mother, he had the skill to play. A year later Riley picked up guitar, and four months later, bass guitar. He played bass so that he could join a high school metal band, and he found that a lot of his piano skills transferred right over to bass. Riley’s  passion grew larger and larger as he was able to perform for his friends and even write songs of his own!

Right after we heard from Bryan, Christophe and Riley, we bombarded them with our wonderful wonders. Right after that, they showed up what a “jam session” was all about. We were enticed by the various sounds each instrument made and how smoothly they connected to one another.

It didn’t take long for us to get started! We quickly split off into groups and let the magic take over! Take a look at the adventures we had exploring the instruments and seriously taking advice from our experts.


IMG_1099 IMG_1098   IMG_1091IMG_1095 IMG_1094 IMG_1093 IMG_1092   IMG_1089 IMG_1088  IMG_1086  IMG_1084 IMG_1083  IMG_1081 IMG_1080   IMG_1077  IMG_1075 IMG_1074 IMG_1073  IMG_1067IMG_1009IMG_1071    IMG_1068   IMG_1008 IMG_1007 IMG_1006 IMG_1005 IMG_1065 IMG_1064  IMG_1062 IMG_1061   IMG_1058 IMG_1057  IMG_1055  IMG_1053 IMG_1052   IMG_1049 IMG_1048 IMG_1047  IMG_1045 IMG_1044 IMG_1043 IMG_1042 IMG_1041 IMG_1040  IMG_1038 IMG_1037 IMG_1036   IMG_1033 IMG_1032  IMG_1030   IMG_1027    IMG_1023 IMG_1022      IMG_1016 IMG_1015  IMG_1013  IMG_1011  IMG_1009 IMG_1008   IMG_1005   IMG_1002   IMG_0998 IMG_0997    IMG_0993 IMG_0992 IMG_0991 IMG_0990 IMG_0989 IMG_0988  IMG_0986   IMG_0983 IMG_0982 IMG_0981 IMG_0980 IMG_0979    IMG_0975   IMG_0972  IMG_0970 IMG_0969  IMG_0967  IMG_0966 IMG_0965 IMG_0964 IMG_0963 IMG_0962  IMG_0960 IMG_0959  IMG_0957  IMG_0955 IMG_0954   IMG_0951  IMG_0949 IMG_0948 IMG_0947 IMG_0946  IMG_0944 IMG_0943   IMG_0940   IMG_0937  IMG_0935 IMG_0934 IMG_0933 IMG_0932 IMG_0931IMG_0883 IMG_0897

Today was pretty wonderful! Seeing the connection people have through music was magical. We watched, listened and allowed ourselves to feel inspired. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

To learn more about how our musicians are connected check out their digital footprints:

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Calgary Guitar Repair Shop
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