2015-16 Exploration #9-Robotics!

Week number 9 was a doozy!

We had not one, not two, not three, but SIX PEOPLE in to share their passion of robotics!
Scott Seland is a passionate teacher from Chestermere High School. We are pleased to inroduce Nathan, Spencer, Robert, David, Gursiman and of course, Mr.Seland!


Gursimran is a grade 10 student at Chestermere High School. He has been a computer enthusiast since he was 11, started programming when he was 13 and became interested in exploring robotics over the past year.

Nathan is a grade 12 student at Chestermere High School and have been programming for 5 years. He loves building robots because the possibilities are endless. Nathan love that you can build robots and program them to do anything!

Spencer is also a grade 12 student at Chestermere High School. She has been working with robotics since she was 7, when her dad bought her the first robot kit. From there she went on to learn programming from a website called neopets. Spencer loves robotics because there are so many things she can create and it makes her happy to see her creations come to life!

Robert is a Grade 11 student at Chestermere High School. He has been building things since he was 5. Robert has been coding since late middle school. He love robots because “robots be cool yo’, also they can do loads of awesome stuff!”

David is  a grade 12 student from Chestermere High School. He has been programming and using computers for as long as he can remember. David started building robots in grade 11. After going to the Provincial Skills Competition the last two years for CAD and IT,  students decided to start a robotics team. Everything since then has been building more and better robots!

Scott Seland is the Master a teacher from Chestermere High School that has passed along his passion to his students! He has been programming on and off for 30 years and always enjoyed it. Three years ago he started learning how to make robots and discovered how much he loved the problem solving involved in building the robots and in writing the code. It made cool things happen that weren’t just on a computer screen.

The day was a non-stop buzz!! We got to rotate between the various robots and their creators! We got to hear the different perspectives of the various groups, what the introductory robots looked liked, how student-made robots were similar and/or different from store-bought robots and the we got to check out  the robots that made it into the competitions!

The energy is the school was at an all time high! It was the first day of exploration where we had SIX speakers in to share a common passion. The energy that the team brought was contagious. As we asked questions, voices got louder and stories and laughter were shared between students and teachers. It was hard to hold back our smiles as the group of remarkable young students engaged our curious minds!



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We are so very thankful to have had the time with such an inspiring group.
We wish you luck with your future creations and projects. 🙂





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