3Ch – 2018/19 – Exploration #4 – Inn From The Cold

3Ch has been learning a lot in their Awakening Passions program! Two of the people who came out were Elizabeth and Kara, who represented Inn from the Cold. Elizabeth was a mentor for Jenna and Spencer who chose to work with and learn more about Inn From the Cold.

When Elizabeth and Kara came into our classroom in January, they started with a game. They asked us to stand up if any of the statements were true for us. Some of the things they asked were, “Stand up if you…”

  • have ever forgotten your lunch and been hungry
  • have not had proper clothes for the cold
  • have felt unsafe
  • have taken public transit
  • were born in a different country
  • have had a sleepover where you slept on the floor

Elizabeth and Kara asked us if we knew what homelessness meant. We had some ideas, but they explained that being homeless means that you do not have a safe, affordable, appropriate or permanent place to live. Family homelessness is the fastest growing group of homeless people.

But, there is hope! Inn from the Cold is an amazing organization that gives families a place to stay when they need it. They provide services and prevention supports to families experiencing housing crisis. Some families include single parents, pregnant mothers, grandparents with children. Inn from the Cold believes that is it better for families to be together so they provide a place to stay and food to eat. They can house 27 families at their Emergency Family Shelter, but have had over 30 families at a time who need help. They have had some help to send some families to hotels when this happens.

We were shown the following video that explains the story of Inn From the Cold.

We learned how Inn from the Cold began and we were amazed that people in Calgary are so caring for others. Twenty-one years ago is a long time to be helping families in Calgary!

Our class wondered how we could get involved and Elizabeth and Kara shared several stories of kids who have helped other kids and their families. You can hear the stories of how the following kids have helped other kids.

Jonah’s Story

Dexter’s Story

Zander’s Story

Mieka’s Story

What amazing things kids can do to help people in our community! We were inspired to take action by them and hope we can make a difference too. Some other ways we found out we could help is by volunteering to serve food with our parents, selling a craft, donating new items that are needed at the Inn, and spreading the word about Inn From the Cold.

We asked how much it costs to run the Inn and were surprised that it costs $2000-3000 each DAY! To support one family for a day, it costs about $150 a day. When you are trying to help over 27 families, it adds up quickly.

Jenna and Spencer decided that Inn from the Cold was the organization they wanted to learn more about and help out. For the Awakening Passions Exhibition, they decided to collect canned food items to donate. People were generous and they were very proud to have made a difference!

We would like to thank Elizabeth and Kara for helping us learn more about Inn from the Cold and what they do to help families in Calgary. We are more aware of who needs our help and how we can do a number of things to take action.

For more information, please visit the Inn from the Cold website.

You can also follow them on:

Twitter twitter  @innfromthecold

Facebook facebook at Inn from the Cold


YouTube youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/innfromthecoldyyc

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