15 thoughts on “2B Digging In Day 4 Reflections

  1. to day we did Awakening Passions and at first we wore doing good really good but then we kept putting the pieces in the roug things in spots and we kept having to go Back so i got really mad really really mad so now we are doing a different one and it looks still hard

  2. today we Bilt little planters !
    it was fun and a little tricky.
    are groop did a good gob.
    some pople lost there pashins beacues there gloo did not driy.
    when you hamer you get moer power holding it on the botum.
    we larned it from the graed 1.

  3. we read coding books. we played robo garden.ROBO GARDEN IS HAAARRRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt REEELLLYY MAD when robo garden got hard.
    a glitch happend and I got all the levels in some worlds. 😐

  4. Today I tried to build a robot truck that was very hard to build but we ended up taking it apart and next time we are going to build a long race car. It was really hard that’s why we wanted to do a different one.

  5. today! me and kevin build a spidr rodot today! ya we are so happy
    i think we will sa ya the ak you awakening passions you are great
    at et the ak you

  6. today I got to build a mucanics kit with my freands I thot it was going to be eisy but it was hard but we tride but we found somthaing else that was eisyer but it was time to clean up for Lunch time so we had to finish it tomorrow

  7. at awaening passions is fun we did it becuse it is a fun thing the fun thing i tip and it fun .what was hrad is that tip on a couputr becuse it a fun thing.

  8. today we did Awakening Passions and we built a jeep but we did not winis the jeep and
    it lookd hrde to me becose the pesis did not wrke so we tokeit aparet the jeep so next
    time we will winis it next time

  9. today me and brody played it was hard playing the game and i wonder what else is triky for us.i like the game.i liked when we coded.

  10. today we builded planters. i liked it how our group was couaperading and being kind.
    it was tricky how to use the hammers and how to glue.
    i wonder how will it be when next friday we geto build a bird house.

  11. today we did awakening passions.
    our group wasn’t working out so well for a bit , but then we solved our problem.
    we had to read our books.
    we had to finish our letter to clever canines, and we had to finish our letter to ms. mrak.
    then we watched some dog training videos.
    the interesting thing was reading the dog books.
    the tricky thing was getting along with each other.
    AP was so much fun.

  12. it was a bettor day with my greop because i got a lot duen with my gope i liked the books i liked this day it was a osum day to git most uv are wrek dunet it was the best day every yayai can not wait to see giggles because i love dogs i can not wait intel we go on are feeol treep i love dog

  13. today we did AP in the first we were saying no and yelling at each other but after sometime we were calming down so then we started doing our work .what was interesting learning all the stuff from the dogs books. what was tricky thinking of words for our card to Ms. mrak. and clever canines.and what was normal was seeing the dog video’s AP was fun.

  14. me and karter bedded a robot kcab it wuz rele hod we tuk in awr to build the robot and then the robot wuz dun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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