2B Exploration #5 – Robotics

Awakening Passions
Awakening Passions
2B Exploration #5 - Robotics

Today we explored robotics and students in 2B were eager to start working with robots!

With the STEM movement in education, robotics is one avenue to generate student interest.  There are many books, articles and blogs that speak to the importance to STEM in education and the advantages of learning about robotics in the early years. Here are some great articles with more information:

Why STEM Education is so Important – by Engineering for Kids

Why Kids Should Learn About Robotics – by Tech Age Kids

The Top Five Unexpected Benefits of Robotics in the Classroom – by Getting Smart

How Robotics is Transforming STEM in Elementary Schools – by Getting Smart

Our passionate speakers Edward and Ron are from Engineering for Kids. This is the second year Engineering for Kids has partnered with Awakening Passions and their first year visiting us at Prairie Waters.

Edward owns the Calgary chapter of the franchise and was here to support our primary speaker, Ron. Ron graduated from SAIT with a petroleum engineering diploma. Aside from snowboarding and enjoying fast cars, his interest has always revolved around new technology.  He believes engineering is important, as it influences newer generations to apply math and science to new technology so that creative ideas can spark at a young age.

We started off with Ron telling us what about robotics in general. We learned that technology is anything that makes our lives easier. Did you know that a pen is considered technology? We learned that robots are machines that need to be programmed in order to carry out different functions. Ron showed us the Robotics kits and told us a little bit about the parts. Then he showed us how you need to program the robots to tell them exactly what you need them to do.

Then it was time for us to assemble and design our robots! We split off into small groups and had to create sumo fighting robots and had to think about how the design would give us an advantage.

We had to work together in our teams to assemble the robots. Check out our awesome designs for our Sumobots! We came up with our team name and got ready to battle!

One of the most exciting moments today was the Sumobot battles. We learned the rules and then we let the games begin!


We ended our day with asking more questions about Robots!  We would like to thank Edward, Ron and Engineering For Kids for generously giving their time today and sparking many curiosities about Robotics.

Here is more information about Engineering For Kids:

Engineering For Kids

Inspiring the Next Generation of Innovators!

At Engineering for Kids, our goal is to provide your child with the premier learning experience aimed at expanding their horizons into the rewarding world of science, technology, engineering, and math. Our exceptional team of educators works with your child and helps provide a fun and challenging way to stimulate their brains through engaging hands-on activities.

We offer the most comprehensive STEM programs around: Robotics, Coding, 3D printing, Game Design, Electrical, Environmental Engineering and much more!

Our young engineers build on their natural curiosity while solving real world problems. We encourage kids to explore their inner engineer through innovation, collaboration, and play. Camps, Classes, Workshops, Birthdays and more!

Twitter: @EfkCalgary

Facebook:  @EngineeringForKidsCalgary

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