2B Exploration # 3 – Softball

Today 2B was so excited to meet our first passionate speaker of the year.  Amanda Chapman has been playing softball for about 10 years and generously spent her 18th birthday sharing her passion for softball with us!

She started playing softball because her cousin played and she always wanted to be like her. Amanda’s cousin played softball in university in the United States and she would like to do the same. Amanda plays for the Edmonton Warriors U19 team and has been chosen to participate in Softball Alberta’s international sport exchange program with the Alberta Sport Connection and Alberta’s sister province of Hokkaido, Japan. This year Amanda has accepted an offer at UBC for a Bachelor of Arts and hopes to try out for their softball team, which competes against American universities.

One thing that softball has brought Amanda is her friendships, which she is so grateful for. She explains, “I have been able to make friends with girls not just on my team, but from all over Alberta, Canada and even the States. I am hoping that my career in softball will give me opportunities to travel and explore the world”.We started our morning in the classroom learning the basics of softball and asking Amanda questions and our wonderings.

We then moved to the gym and learned about the equipment used in softball. We passed around some of the equipment and got a closer look.

Then we broke off into small groups and learned how to properly throw a softball and hit the ball using the bat.  We learned that the balls for softball were larger and softer than baseball.  Making sure we were positioning our hands correctly on the bat and holding it up and by our shoulders was tricky.


We would like to thank Amanda for coming in today and sharing her passion for softball. We had so much fun being coached by an expert and really appreciate the time she gave us!

Follow her on Twitter  @ohsnapitschappy

Check out the Edmonton Warriors Webpage for more info!

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