1M Exploration Stage

This stage involved many projects, some tears and a great deal of bent nails. Take a look at the various opportunities 1M has had to explore and practice their skills!

We started off with introductions to the tools we would be using. We spent a great deal talking about safety, self-management and our goal of professionalism. Students quickly got in the habit of checking their group members for closed toe shoes, safety goggles, appropriate clothes and ponytails! 🙂 Many of our Fridays in the beginning were focused on skill building –> hammering into tree stumps, drilling into pallets and sanding various pieces of wood, etc.

The most magical part of this process was seeing the growth in confidence. Students that were scared of the drill sound became leaders when helping their peers, students that were easily frustrated started to use growth mindset vocabulary and those that seemed disengaged started to showcase new curiosity.

Once students has shown proficiency with the tools, we integrated various projects. These days were amazing. These projects pushed our students thinking, frustrated them and challenged them. Adults in the room were encouraged to step back and facilitate in order to leave the leading to the students. As facilitators we could support students with self-management breaks and problem solving,  offer gentle reminders about growth mindset and encouraging the process over the product.  A big part of our year is so reflect on this process and engage that deeper thinking.  Take a look the links below to see how our projects went

Mystery Bird Houses

Storage Boxes (coming soon)

“Secret Project” aka Mother’s Day gifts  (coming soon)


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