Grade 1 Kick Off

Whenever we talk to new community members about the Grade 1 students working with REAL TOOLS, we usually get a similar response. A lot of “really?!” or “6 year olds?! Crazy!” …followed up with a few “That is so brave! How awesome!”   We must say…IT IS AWESOME!  This year students have become proficient using hammers, drills, sanders, screwdrivers and have started to learn a little about sawing. Students have had to shown a great deal of professionalism using these tools, they demonstrate expected safety and use of each tool.

We started off our building exploration with a provocation to engage curiosity in our students.  Using their professional skills of photography, journalism and sketch noting the Grade 1 students observed our special guest, Eric as he worked away building a project. They documented the project in the various stages and tried to figure out what he was making. Students were enamoured with this task. They asked brilliant questions, took notes and brought conversation back to their peers.

As the project came to a close each class got time to ask questions and FINALLLLLLLLLY get to know if they figured out what Eric had made!

This day involved a LOT of thinking for our students. They used many skills to document their understanding, observations and predictions. Our hallway was buzzing as they excitement of Awakening Passions grew. A giant THANK YOU goes out to Eric for his time at PWES.  🙂


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