2017 – 2018 * Grade 1 * What Will Our Year Look Like

This is a very exciting year for Awakening Passions! It is offically in its third year and this year we have 6 classes taking part. As we are still in the initial stages, we are still working through potential roadblocks and confirming what we can. Our year at a glance will change, but the overall idea will remain. Don’t forget to check back for updates as we move forward.

This year the grade 1’s will be broken up into 4 sections:

  1. Developing professional skills (professional skills, photography, journalism)
  2. Inquiry into building and construction (community contributions, design and architecture, community wellness)
  3. Make, create and do.
  4. Celebration of Learning



Students spent the fist couple months practicing their professional skills.  We practiced introducing ourselves to someone new and how to properly shake hands.  We then focused on our practicing our communication skills by exploring both verbal and non-verbal cues and being good listeners.  We also explored the art of sketchnoting in order to help us properly record our learnings and reflections during the Awakening Passions journey. Finally, we got to practice our photography skills so we can take awesome photos to help document our journey. We will also participate in Lunch Box Talks to help fine tune our professional skills.



The second stage of Awakening Passions will be the inquiry into “How We Can Contribute to the Vitality of our Community.” We are looking to guide this big question through opportunities of design and construction while building with real tools (YES, 6 year olds with REAL tools for tiny hands)!

This part will be full of new opportunities and the time to explore them. Ideally, our Fridays will be dedicated to mini field trips and/or expert visits, time to try new things and time for students to reflect on their experience.
A sample of what this could look like:
*Expert/passionate individual comes in to our class or we head out on a mini field trip
*They talk to us about their passion (how they started, why they continue it, showcase of their skill, mini lesson for students to observe)
*Time for student to explore (try skill, ask questions, get feedback or coaching on skill, etc)
*Time for student to reflect
*Class blog updated with the story of our day, student reflections, etc. This will be shared with the experts and our online community



Now that we have met with various professionals and community stakeholders, it is time to reflect on our passions and make, create and do something that will contribute to the vitality of our community. The students will be lead through a reflection process and many discussions about the variety of opportunities they have experienced. This process will lead students to a strong understanding of what passions are and investigate what experiences resonated with them, something that sparked potential passion.

Students will then get to pick something that sparked their interest and will be provided time to pursue this passion. This is hopefully where we will have experts come back in and mentor one-on-one and/or small groups to coach/check-in with students during this time. If the same experts are not able to come in, we are open to have volunteers with the same passion come in and mentor students.

For example, if a student chooses to inquire about help local wildlife -we will set them up with the tools and a mentor that can connect with them in person, e-mail, off-campus visits, YouTube, blog, FaceTime and/or Skype. This time will be to work alongside them, encourage their efforts and provide feedback when applicable. Students will be reflecting online throughout this entire process. We may have mini-showcases mid-way through this stage in order to share their journey with others.



This last stage of Awakening Passions will be a celebration of learning! This will include all stakeholders involved in our project. The celebration will showcase of student journeys and have them share the process they went through to develop their project.  We will also be producing a magazine that shares our journey.


With much gratitude,

Ms. Mrak, Mrs. Schiltz, Mrs. James, & Mr. Russ

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