16 thoughts on “2B Digging In – Reflection Jun 16, 2017

  1. We went to clever canines on wednesday. The tricks were: Sit. Stay. Recall. Shake a paw. And last but not least high five.

    The tricks were hard to do but that’s life you need patience to train a dog it’s a lot to take care of but at least you have a trusty companion to entertain you. Dogs are are a HUGE responsibility to take care of so you have to have these things: patience. a clicker. The dogs names were: Keiko. Winston. Harley. Stanley. And Millie. Those dogs were very nice to train I had a very fun time with them but it made me sad when we had to go back to school but that’s life you have to live with it. Dogs can be annoying or good but that’s ok dogs are still learning to listen maybe in the future dogs will automatically listen to commands like sit stay speak shake a paw all that stuff. Like robotic dogs. But don’t worry it will come sooner or later.

  2. Dog Training

    On wendsday we went to clever canines to see some of there dogs to train.And it was really really fun and it was fun because the dogs kept snuggling into all me manraj and Leah!It was so cute and they also licked us one licked me on the mouth and it was kinda gross and yucky.And the dogs names were Harley Stanley Keeko Wenstin Millie.And the owners names were:Bianca Ashley And last but not least tracey.And we learned to recall the dogs and teach them to do paw and paw means handshake and we also learned how to make them do a high five.And then it was lunch time and we got
    a picture with the dogs and leah manraj and me but one of our group members weren’t able to come because shahanas parents didnt sign the form to go and when we came back she was pooring tears cause she didnt get to go and she was mad and sad.And when we did dog training we were kinda in a garage And the garage was all black
    And it had a white board with all the names of the dogs.
    When we had to leave i felt weird cause how was it lunch already??????Thats what confused me it was really really weird
    I wish we could’ve stayed longer!!!!!!!!!!
    I feel like we should’ve stayed
    Cause we all wanted to but we left too soon!
    I wish we could’ve stayed alot longer.I hope we can go again someday.I wonder if they’lle come here again???

  3. I was in our classroom, we started doing different versions of art. Making four squares, and making them into different colours. It was super fun because you were using paint brushes like you were using a crayon. It was interesting to make 4 different versions of the squares using different colours.
    I love using paint brushes and paint because it is fun making different things like a real artist.
    Next time, I will make a town with different colours using paint.

  4. today was the 2nd last day of AP. me and danny were mad because it took so much hard work when we started, but we found out that we cannot always get things done when we want it to be done. so i learned that when you build staff it takes time and hard work.

  5. Today I got to join art group agien I got to use a paint its like ekrilek paint but diffrint .
    It was hard when I cut the card bored .I got to paint most of the time because I had to finesh things and start things. I got to ad some things to my sheald I started a crown to thats when I used the ekrilelk paint.
    I used the ekrilek paint so I wouldint be abel to not see the disene on the card bored
    First I paintd red on the card boredv then I used the ekrelek paint then I let it dry on monday im going to add glitter because I love glitter.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    On monday we can pracits the movie and I startd a script to.
    I lerned you cant make a movie in 6 weeks.

  6. Today me and roshan build the wheel bot when I open the box and I saw some pieces all ready connected together. After that I take a five minnit . After I take a five minnit break I connect more pieces I take another five minnit after that I connected all the pieces together. After that I test it outside and it did not work yet because it did not have enough sunlight I about how to put the wire together.The tricke part was the wire.From the first day of robotics I was not good at all. After a couple weeks I get better at robotics.Robotics is a fun exploration for awakening passion. I was taken my time building the wheel bot.

  7. Today I made a handle for my shield.Me and deanna did our script called the wonderful
    Lexie and the amazing sarha.Then we said we need a nurse for the play.And Deanna said
    I sould play as the nurse.And I made a cape. We are going to do our script next week!

  8. Today was the last day with our mentors. and the slingshot was fully finished.the tricky part was loading in the cork screw.after we were done we showed it to mr. siemens and mrs.rentz and ms. behal.i got to learn how to sling a cork screw. the fun part was i got to slingshot the cork.

  9. Today we learnt that artists do things 3 times.
    what was hard was painting the sides of the camvis.
    what was fun was when we painted on minnie camvisis.
    what was trikea was when I tried to wash the pant holder.
    I add more detail since day 1 to the second of the last.
    and I explore new colors and which kind is my favorite one was akrilik.

  10. Today was the last day for mentors so I could`nt see Lesley any more it was very sad I almost cried but you what you get and you don`t get upset so I brave and accepted it and I got to make a tin can calculator and the tin can calculator worked but right now it`s charging in our classroom. The tricky part was trying to put all of the pieces together all the screws pop`t out so we had to get a phillip screwdriver to get them in.Then we connected all of the wires we had to tie them in really tight and them we attched the calculator on to the bearings of the tin can calculator we also put salt water in the tin can calculator and then we were done.

  11. today for awakening passion we are making lasgna it smells good i love it. the hard thing was geting the noondes ript a part it was very hard- very hard but i liked it and the meat wasn’t a nafe we were runing arawon to get the splises ms. lou was asking for the splises
    next time we need the splises.

  12. 1/it was fun thes time. 2/ and ms low was here i s time.3/the nodl was tricky because thea whar stuk 4/my group it was knistine and shahlo . but lucas is not here. we need extra ingredients next time because we ran out this time. 5/We need to get all our stuff the first time so we don’t forget stuff.

  13. Today we made Lasagne and the good part was we didn’t fight today. The bad part was the noodles didn’t turn out so good. I learned to cook on the stove, it was good. My favourite part of the cooking was putting the cheese in. It was hard thing was when we put the ricotta cheese in because it is so creamy.

  14. I did two things today, the first experiment was I put salt on a green piece of paper and then at it up close with a magnifying glass and it looked like crystals. The second experiment was where I got a few small cups and I put baking soda mixed with water in one, the other cup I put apple juice in, in another I put tea, in another cup vanilla and one cup of plain water. Part of that experiment, it came with sticks with colours on the bottom. I put the sticks in each cup and it changes the colours on each stick. Doing this is testing the pH balance in each cup of stuff.The tea had the highest pH and the water had the lowest pH balance. The easy part was getting the cups ready and getting the salt. The hard part was finding all of the ingredients, it took a really long time. My favourite part was watching the sticks turn colours.

  15. on wednesday we went to clever canines.we got to train dogs.Some tricks we did were walking nicely recall sit and stay.All the dogs were nice and well trained. the big dogs scared me. today we tryed to write a manual. it talks about how to train a dog.it was hard not get mad at hailey and manrag

  16. Chase, one of the people in our group, was away today. But, we still had 2 people. So,we got to finish biulding the PVC sling shot.It shoots corks, it can shoot the corks really far. We were shooting the corks against a wall and it would hit the wall and bounce onto the ground,I ran after all the corks. A hard thing about today was loading the sling shot.One of the easy things today was puting the 4 zip ties on.



    (See video on Monday….)

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