2B Exploration # 12 – Art

Our last exploration of the year is Art!

The visual arts within itself is so diverse with many different mediums, materials and ways to express ourselves.  It not only allows for creativity but also plays a role in child development.  Here are some great articles and resources that outline all the benefits of art:

Why Arts Education is Crucial, and Who’s Doing it Best – by Edutopia

10 Salient Studies on the Importance of Art in Education – by OnlineColleges.net

The Importance of Art in Child Development – by PBS

10 Reasons Why Arts in Education is so Important for Kids – by Learning Lift Off

Students has open choice to explore and create with very little direction.  We focused on 4 different mediums; acrylic paint, water colour paint, plasticine, and printmaking with block ink.  We discussed how each medium can be used and a few techniques that artists use, then they were free to explore.  Students moved around the room at their own pace and experimented with different kinds of paper and supplies.

Check out our creative artists in action:


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