2B Exploration # 11 – Robotics

Today we explored robotics and students in 2B were eager to start tinkering and playing to learn about robotics.  With the STEM movement in education, robotics is one avenue to generate student interest.  There are many books, articles and blogs that speak to the importance to STEM in education and the advantages of learning about robotics in the early years. Here are some great articles with more information:

Why STEM Education is so Important – by Engineering for Kids

Why Kids Should Learn About Robotics – by Tech Age Kids

The Top Five Unexpected Benefits of Robotics in the Classroom – by Getting Smart

How Robotics is Transforming STEM in Elementary Schools – by Getting Smart

We began our exploration of robotics by watching some videos and engaging in some conversation relating to robotics.


We then split off into groups and starting tinkering.  There were so many tiny pieces and it was far more complex than we originally thought! We had to figure out how to collaborate and problem solve throughout the exploration.















It was a tricky day because it was challenging and we never really finished a project but it definitely sparked an interest for some students!

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