2B Exploration # 10 – Dog Training

Many kids love animals and their instinct is to want to pet or hug them.  Many kids that love animals and want a future that links them to it think of becoming a vet or zoo keeper.  Today’s passionate speaker not only educated us about dogs, their behaviour, but also opened our eyes to other possibilities.  Today’s Passionate speakers were from Clever Canines. Clever Canines provide a variety of services to their clients and at its very heart is education for both, dogs and dog owners.  Founder and owner, Tracie Nielson and her team of volunteers, Ashleigh Hoffman and Bianca Nassey brought in 3 amazing furry friends that the students in 2B simply fell in love with; Tila, Lucy and Ceili.  Students in 2B were bouncing with excitement today as we explored dog training.


We began our morning with listening to Tracie’s story about her passion for working with dogs and how she took what she loved and became an entrepreneur.

Then we were introduced to Tila, Kaylee and Lucy.  We were so surprised at how well behaved the dogs were.  We had to remember to contain our excitement, as it was important for us to remain calm to ensure that the dogs also felt calm.


The first thing we learned was how to read a dog’s body language to know whether it would be safe to approach him or her. We also learned never to approach a dog head on and not to stick our hands in front of them with our fingers out.  Tracie showed us the best way to approach a dog and then we role played with a partner to practice.

Then it was time to practice with real dogs!

Next, we learned some commands such as sit, lay down, come, and shake a paw.  We now know that the biggest difference between lay down and sit, is that when a dog is laying down, he or she has their belly touching the ground as opposed to a sitting position where it’s only the dog’s bottom.

We ended our day by setting up a course in our classroom. We practiced what we learned by playing a game and moving through the course with the dogs.

We are so appreciative of Clever Canines for coming to our classroom and teaching us about dogs and dog training.  We had a blast learning today and we know that this exploration definitely awakened some passions! A special shout out to Bianca at Clever Canines for being our point of contact and also helping us form this amazing partnership!


Connect with and learn more about Clever Canines here:

Website: Clever Canines

Facebook: @clevercanines

Instagram: @clevercaninesyyc

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