2B Exploration # 7 – Electronics

Today we explored electronics and the energy in 2B was equally as electric.  We are surrounded by electronics in our everyday lives and use them without giving them a second thought about how they work.  Understanding simple circuits is one of the fundamentals of understanding electricity and electronics. We began our exploration by watching some videos and engaging in some conversation relating to electronics.


We then were split into groups and were asked to explore and play with materials at each table. Most of us had no idea what those materials were and how to use them.


Some of us discovered that we needed batteries to make things work.  Once each group made that discovery, we were then given batteries. We had to use precision tools to open up the contraption that would hold the batteries and figure out how the batteries are supposed to be placed.

We tried many different things to see how the pieces fit together and at some points we felt frustrated but we kept tinkering. Groups had to use their collaboration and problem solving skills to work through this problem.

Then we started to make connections to how to make some things make sound, light up or move. Some of us were even able to make multiple functions work at the same time.


It was finally revealed that we were using Snap Circuits!  We were intentionally not given the instructions that came in the box in order to try and figure out how to make something work without knowing exactly what to do.  Later, students were given the inserts that came in the box and they were able to experiment with Snap Circuits some more.

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