2B Exploration # 3 – Tinkering


This week in 2B we explored Tinkering.  Tinkering is not a new, progressive, or groundbreaking idea.  People have been doing this for many years and often outside of a classroom setting. So why are we exploring this in Awakening Passions?  A fundamental belief in 2B is that we learn through play. Exploring the world around us without direct instruction is an avenue that can be used to spark curiosity and encourage creativity.  Click on this link to great article by the Creative Discovery Museum about why tinkering is important.

Students began the day by discussing what tinkering is and understanding the difference between taking apart and breaking.

We were split into to small groups and took apart laptops, a DVD player and a speaker.

As we took apart these items that we use in our daily lives, we began to discover how complex and how many components it takes to build them. It was tricky learning to use small tools as we had to really focus and use our fine motor skills.


The conversation and questions that arose from tinkering demonstrated evidence of student curiosity and wonder.  Although all students were engaged, there were a few who were showing interest that went beyond trying something new.

Where can tinkering lead us? The possibilities are endless…


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