2B Exploration # 2 – Design Thinking 5 Chair Challenge

Today in 2B, we explored Design Thinking principles through the 5 Chair Challenge.  Design Thinking is an approach to creative problem-solving and generating ideas.  Check out this video below for a better understanding.

Students had to design models of chairs based on design principles.  They were split into groups and each group received a different scenario about an individual’s lifestyle.


Student had to Empathize and Define each individual’s needs based on what they read.


Students then generated and shared many different ideas of what their chair would look like based on the needs they identified. The Ideation process involved a lot of conversation, negotiation, and collaboration.



Then it was time to build!  The first set of materials available to them was card stock, tape and scissors.  They had to build a Prototype of their only using those materials.



We gathered together to discuss the successes and failures of this iteration.  Students reflected on what they might need to do in order to make their design better.



Students then went through the process three more times, each time using different materials to build a prototype of their chair and reflecting in-between each iteration.

We completed 5 iterations today and each time we faced new challenges. Today we were risk-taker, collaborators and had to be good communicators.  We were often frustrated and had to practice using a growth mindset to keep going. Checkout our reflections on our day by clicking on the following link: Reflections


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