2M Exploration #9 Yoga


Exploration #9 was a day full of building trust, love and positive energy.  Our speaker, Tonia, was leading us in the exploration of yoga.

Tonia is AWESOME!  She is  a wife, a mother of 2 small children, a sister, a daughter and a mighty good friend.  When she grows up she wants to be a children’s yoga teacher. 🙂  The thought of spreading love and light to little gets Tonia excited.  Her yoga journey started about a year ago when she started her practice and noticed the change in herself and the confidence she started to feel.  Tonia started to bring her practice home to her family and saw the difference it made in her children and the encouragement they gave her to spread her love.  She is hoping to teach kids self-love, self-confidence and mindfulness all while having fun in the process.  One of her favourite quotes reads,  If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” – Dalai Lama

Our day started off with a quick bus ride to to local yoga studio, Inner Focus. Upon our arrival the team got us sorted and moved into one of their studio spaces. Tonia began our practice together by sharing her journey of how and when her passion for yoga begun.

Throughout our day we reflected on ourselves and those around us. We practiced poses on our own and with a partner. Partner poses filled the room with some serious concentration and giggles. Tonia led us through a collaborative mandala, songs and a beautiful mantra moving forward.





Our time with Tonia was full of love! Her kind and gentle personality allowed us to enter that space without fear, to be open-minded and take risks. We learned that “yoga doesn’t look as hard as it was” and that “working together with our body was cool”.

One of the most beautiful (and yes, sometimes stressful), things about projects like Awakening Passions, is how things come together last minute. Flexibility is such a huge part of this kind of work…whether it is finding speakers, creating schedules and recreating schedules, arranging networking opportunities and always being open to ideas and connections through others. Our last speaker of 2M’s exploration stage was a very last minute opportunity. A parent in our community had an idea and from there it turned into exploration #9!
A big thank you to Krista for this connection and to the parents of students that got field trip forms back so quickly. 🙂

This exploration was off campus at Inner Focus. We were welcomed in their space with open arms and big smiles. We are extremely thankful for the donation of space that was provided to us for our yoga class. If you haven’t made it there for a class, you should. For more information please see the website for Inner Focus.

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