2M Exploration #8 Baking

If you think baking is messy, try it with a class of students! 🙂

Exploration 8 was fabulous!  We welcomed in an extended member of our classroom family, Amanda, to share her passion of baking.
Amanda started in the kitchen with her grandmother around the age of 2 years old. From the moment she started, her passion grew stronger towards the creation of pies, cookies and various delicious treats! Amanda is often found in the kitchen, however these days she is not alone! Her smart and adorable Sous-Chefs are her two daughters,  T may be 7, but has no problems keeping up with mom and is a great leader in the classroom helping her peers! 🙂

Our morning started off with Amanda sparking our interest with a volcanic provocation! We were HOOKED when we learned that mixing ingredients had meaning and different results…specifically, when we created our own volcanoes!

This provoked copious amounts of wonder and great follow up discussion– “baking is science! I just NEVER knew!”

We moved into a delicious recipe for cookies! Our transdisciplinary skills were REALLY put to work. Reading recipes, patience, following instructions, working as a team—required a LOT of our attention. Amanda worked alongside us, providing us with tips and tricks of baking.
What you YOU think the toughest part would be for our class?
Hint—it involves removing the tasty batter off of our fingers…..(in maybe NOT the most hygienic way 🙂 )


The day was full of several new learning opportunities. For some, the experience of baking was completely new. Our class was full of wonder and excitement throughout the entire day!

We have so much gratitude for our friend, Amanda. Her passion was contagious and inspiring.

We would also like to thank Trail Appliances and Samsung for our professional Chef hats that Amanda got donated to the class! It was the icing on the cake!! 😉

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  1. What an awesome example of our students working with community mentors and community support. But wondering why I didn’t sample anything… doh!

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