2M Exploration #7 Music (Guitar)

Exploration #7 was a delightful day of musical expression! We welcomed back Bryan from Leroux Music along his special guest, Miranda! These two fabulous speakers got the musical juices flowing as we explored the sounds of guitars and ukuleles.

Bryan’s  world has been built around a passion for music. His career,  friends and environment is all thanks to living with this passion. His journey started with the fact that he was   lucky enough to have a piano at home. Bryan would sit there a couple hours a week just banging around and experimenting. He tried formal Piano lessons, it didn’t quite work out so he switched to the guitar and enrolled as a student in a few local music schools over the years as well as hours of self-training in between lessons. He had an older brother who played the drums, so in no time the two were playing along together.  Over the years Bryan started many bands with many friends who had also awakened their passions in a similar way. In 2010 he followed his passion all the way to Hollywood to attend the Musicians Institute, and since have toured all around North America and the UK with his craft. By surrounding himself with anything musical (ever since the day he was first inspired by a favourite song), he has ended up a music teacher running his own studio –LEROUX MUSIC–  surrounded by other talented musicians. Bryan is 100% happy with this life, and it’s all due to the awakening of his passion. Bryan’s advice to you-whatever your passion is, follow it! Follow it to the fullest extent.

This year Bryan brought along his fabulous sidekick, Miranda. 🙂
Bryan and Miranda were a great duo! They took time sharing a little history of how their worlds connected them to Music and Leroux Music.

Students got to listen to Bryan play on various guitars and genres of music! We asked powerful questions and made connections to the different places we find music in our day-today-lives.

Our exploration continued as we each received a mini lesson on the ukulele! What a hoot!
There was a lot of little tips to think about as we tried out our new skill!




After our mini ukulele lessons, we met back as a group where we enjoyed more music from Bryan. We had a lot of questions about the different genres of music and how he played his instruments differently for each. At one point he asked about country songs, asking if any one in the class heard the song, Wagon Wheel…Ms. Mrak was VERY excited and said “YES!”. Knowing that she may know a word or two, Bryan put her on the spot to sing…Eek!

This brought a bit of giggles and some serious risk-taking to sing in front of everyone! 🙂 Everyone ended up joining in the chorus, making her feel a LOT better. 🙂
Fun Fact: Students of 2M are still caught singing the chorus to Wagon Wheel on a regular basis!

Our time with Bryan and Miranda was beautiful! We laughed, we sang and made music together. We were so lucky to have such amazing community partners enter our space and share their passion.

If you are interested in learning more, connecting with Bryan & Miranda at Leroux Music, please check out the following links:

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  1. Wow, that sure sounds like a lot of fun and so awesome that each kid got to experiment with the ukelele. Maybe it will ignite a future passion for some kids.

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