2M Exploration #6 Painting

Deborah Switzer-Cook is a local artist based right here in Chestermere, Alberta.  Her first “ah-ha” moment was when she was in grade 2, just like us! She was painting a landscape and had a bit of white space between her sky and land, her teacher sent her outside to look at where the sky and land connect…through her observation she saw the relationship of our world through new artist eyes.

Debbie jumped right in and got us exploring stages of painting. We had a little bit of experience painting and working on self-portraits but nothing like this!
Debbie opened up our eyes to a new way of looking at human faces. We talked about simple shapes that guide the initial sketch, how to look at our own faces with an artist perspective, and several little tricks to help make our self-portraits unique to each individual.




Once our sketches were finished Debbie introduced us to a new way of using water colours! We got to try out water colour crayons. They are “such a cool invention” and hooked the students into the next stage of our self portraits. Deb offered us a great deal of support and feedback throughout this process. It was tricky matching and mixing colours to our skin tone, hair and eye colour!

If you were to enter our learning space, you would have been inspired by the professional artists at work. You would have seen ideas becoming masterpieces, tears of frustration turn into smiles and confidence go way up. We hope you enjoy the final masterpieces as much as we do!

We are so thankful for our friend, Deb and her willingness to come in and share her passion for ART!

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  1. Thank you for letting me visit your class and have fun painting for the day! The students were such a joy to hang with.

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