2B Exploration # 1 – Bhangra

Awakening Passions
Awakening Passions
2B Exploration # 1 - Bhangra

2B Exploration # 1 – Bhangra

Students in 2B were buzzing with excitement today as we explored Bhangra. Bhangra is a folk dance that originates from a region in northern India called Punjab. We were visited by 3 members of Kauran Di Taur, Kajill Aujla, Simeet Gill, and Kiran Gill.

Kauran Di Taur (KDT) is an all girls Bhangra team based in Calgary, Alberta. Established in 2007, they competed for the first time as a team in the S.A.C.H Vaisakhi Bhangra Competition and won first place.

After some time off the stage, they reorganized themselves and competed in the Bhangra Flames competition in 2010, Jashan Bhangra in 2011 where they won the Punjabi Spirit Award and at Jashan Bhangra 2012. Then, taking their passion across boarders for the first time they competed in Stockton, California at Notorious Bhangra in 2013.

By taking part in various community events to share and teach what they have all learned over the years about Bhangra, they continue to fuel their passion as a team. The team has had the pleasure to work with the Diversity Resource Team of the Calgary Police Service as well as in their youth programs. Every year, KDT performs in the Sikh Awareness week bringing in the fun and energetic atmosphere Bhangra has to the University of Calgary campus.

The team’s general purpose was to create a competitive all girls team in Calgary and give back to the community in sharing their passion of Bhangra. Something that manifested from this purpose was the family and the sisterhood that Kauran Di Taur has become. They look to only improve, move forward and expand their horizons.

Students began by getting a crash course in bhangra, learning about the origins, the significance of bhangra in punjabi culture, and the reasons why bhangra became a passion for our speakers. We watched a couple of videos to see what bhangra looks like when it is being performed on stage too.




Then it was time for us to get moving!  Kajill, Simeet, and Kiran taught us some basic bhangra moves. We were surprised that the moves were more challenging then they looked but it we had so much fun learning them.


Once we learned a few basic moves, we broke off into small groups to put those moves together and played some great music to go along with the dance.



After we practiced for a while, we performed our dance for each other to share what we had learned.





We ended our day by asking more questions that we had once we had a chance to dabble in bhangra. Our passionate speakers did a great job of answering our questions and they gave us a closer look at the traditional clothing they wear when they perform on stage.  They also performed a whole dance routine for us! We definitely developed an appreciation of the stamina and intricacies of this dance form.


We are so appreciative of all the time Kajill, Simeet, and Kiran spent with us and for sharing their passion for bhangra.

To learn more about KDT check them out here:

Instagram: @kdt_bhangra

Facebook: Kauran Di Taur






Checkout our reflections on our day by clicking on the following link: Reflections


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  1. What a fun experience, 2B! I enjoyed watching the video’s of you showing your moves. Maybe some of you want to continue to learn Bhangra

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