3Ch – Exploration #8 – Calgary Meals on Wheels

This week were lucky to have Stephanie and Chris come to visit us from Calgary Meals on Wheels! We were in for some big learning about what they do to help people around Calgary.







The information below was provided to us from the Calgary Meals on Wheels organization. Have a read about all the great things they do!

Calgary Meals on Wheels is a proven leader in providing healthy, locally made meals to our city. Under the guidance of our Registered Dietitian, we pride ourselves in making nutritious and well-portioned meals for thousands of Calgarians each year.

Since 1965, our client-centered service has gone beyond the dinner plate. With the help of our supporters, CalgaryMeals on Wheels creates a strong, caring community with each delivery.

  • We have programs supporting; individuals, families, school children and community groups. Many of our programs offer varied levels of financial assistance from full support, income based support and a flat subsidized rate.

The Services of Calgary Meals on Wheels:

  • Supports our client’s independence, by helping them to stay in their homes.
  • Strengthens families by reducing the stress of caring of a loved one.
  • Reduces the financial burden that food cost can impose on struggling families.
  • Increases social networks with the connection to our volunteers.
  • Enhances client outlook with our “more than a meal” program.
  • Provides essential nutrition for learning.

Community Connection – It’s What Make Us Unique

  • Volunteers are at the very heart of what we do. They are the amazing individuals, corporations, service clubs and churches are the unwavering connection between our clients and our organization. They are the friendly smile, kind visits and conversation which provide the important social connection to our community.
  • Our volunteers are beyond dedicated with many giving their time for more than 20 years. Too often we hear our volunteers are the only familiar face our clients see each delivery day.


The very first thing we learned was that Calgary Meals on Wheels doesn’t only help seniors in our community. That was surprising to all of us! We watched three videos about three of their clients. You can see them here:




These videos helped to understand who benefits from the Calgary Meals on Wheels program.

Some of the other things we learned about Calgary Meals on Wheels:

  • they help seniors, children in schools, families, people with disabilities, new moms and a lot more!
  • they have a production facility in SE Calgary where they make the meals
  • they have a dietician who plans nutritional and tasty meals
  • they make meals for groups who want to to serve a lot of people
  • some people pay for their meals, some people pay a portion for their meals and some people have theirs provided for free
  • they started in 1965 in Calgary
  • they help people to stay in their homes
  • they make 1850 meals per day and over 463 000 meals in Calgary in 2016
  • Meals on Wheels started in England

As you can see, we learned a lot about Calgary Meal on Wheels!

We wanted to take some action so we decided to make cards that could be handed out to people along with their meals. We hoped to brighten someone’s day by giving them a beautiful card!













Thank you to Stephanie and Chris for coming and sharing their passion to help others by working at Calgary Meals on Wheels and delivering meals to people who need it.

You can learn more about the Calgary Meals on Wheels organization by visiting their website and clicking on the links below.

Website:  https://mealsonwheels.com/




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  1. What an interesting idea to provide the folks in Calgary that use Meals on Wheels with a card. I’m sure it put a smile on their face. Thanks for doing that.

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