3Ch – Exploration #7 – Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids

What a great day we had in our Awakening Passions exploration today! Tanya Koshowski from Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids came out to teach us all about the organization and what they do to help kids in Calgary.





“Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids works in partnership with Calgary schools to make and deliver healthy lunches for students who would otherwise go hungry. Through the work of community groups and volunteers, BB4CK provides lunches for approximately 3,200 kids each school day. Lunches are prepared in the main BB4CK kitchen and in various other locations by community groups, including retirees, parent groups and local businesses.” – BB4CK

The first thing we were asked to do was generate a list of words that describe how we feel when we are hungry. We came up with: bored, grumpy, starving, cranky and “…like I’m going to die!” Tanya told us that some kids don’t have lunches to eat, so Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids makes lunches with love so that kids don’t go hungry. Tanya told us about the first little boy who had received lunches from the organization and how it got started in 1990 and became it’s own organization in 2002. They now help 3 200 Calgary children every day!





We learned that people all over the city help to make lunches every day and deliver them to Calgary kids. They work with 210 schools and 218 community groups to provide food. When we are fed, we do better in school and can concentrate on what we are learning. We learned that BB4CK has to raise the money so that they can feed children around the city. It costs them about $1.3 million to help kids!

After Tanya had helped us to learn about BB4CK, she challenged us to think about using our head, our heart and our hands to help others. In our Awakening Passions books we wrote down something that we have a lot of knowledge about and are good at doing, something that makes us angry, sad or happy and, finally, something we can do to help another person. This was a challenge, but it made us think! Kids can take action for other people!






We took action by putting designs and messages on small bags that Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids gives to people with thank you cards inside. We were really good at decorating the bags because we know it puts a smile on someone’s face when they are appreciated.










We appreciate Tanya for coming out to help us learn what her organization does and how important it is!

You can get even more information about Brown Bagging For Calgary’s Kids by clicking the links below.

Website: bb4ck.org





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