3Ch – Exploration #6 – Chestermere Regional Food Bank

Today we hosted Vicki from the Chestermere Regional Food Bank in our classroom. We learned that the Food Bank has been in Chestermere for 10 years and is run by volunteers who give food to people who do not have enough money to afford it on their own.


“The Chestermere Regional Food Bank is a non-profit, volunteer run organization that provides emergency food hampers to those in need since 2007.  We rely on individuals, organizations, schools and businesses to provide us with food and monetary donations.  Our clients vary from babies to seniors and include families of all sizes.  We are currently experiencing a substantial increase in demand over the past year as the need for our services have doubled.  We now serve an average of 40-50 food hampers a month and these hampers are designed to last the clients a few weeks.” – Chestermere Regional Food Bank



We learned that we are volunteers too! When we pass on our knowledge of the Food Bank, we are helping to spread the word about what they do. We can also pass on information about how people can help the Food Bank by donating food. Vicki gave each of us a sticker to wear like the logo above and also a few extras and gave us a challenge. We were to wear our sticker for the rest of the day. When we saw other teachers and kids, we were to use our voice to volunteer by sharing information about the Food Bank. When we had finished explaining and sharing information, we could give the person one of our stickers. We were excited about this challenge!


Vicki asked us to brainstorm some ideas of food that the Food Bank collects to share with people. We came up with cookie, crackers, cereal, fruit cups, apple sauce and canned fruits and vegetables. We also thought of items that are not food like toothpaste and toothbrushes, tissues, and toilet paper.


Vicki also told us that the food bank has a couple of gardens where they grow fresh vegetables. The seeds are donated and volunteers plant them and take care of the garden. Perhaps our school garden could be used to help the Food Bank too!

We were surprised to hear that 30-40% of people who use a Food Bank are kids! In Chestermere that percent is even higher; 50-60%! So we were determined to help out. We became the 3Ch Cereal Society and began thinking of ways we could spread the word to our school; that we are collecting boxes of cereal for the Chestermere Food Bank. We decided that we could do an announcement, we could put it on Twitter, we could put it in the school newsletter and on our school FaceBook account. We are collecting until February 14.

One thing that we asked was what time of the year is most of the food donated. Vicki told us that they get most of their food in December. The times when they need food donations is in the summer and the months of January to March. So now is a great time to donate!

Thank you to Vicki for coming out to help us learn about the Chestermere Regional Food Bank and how we can take action.

You can find out more about the Chestermere Regional Food Bank by visiting the links below.

Website: www.chestermerefoodbank.ca


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