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November 18th was a BIG day in the world of Awakening Passions! Fiona Williams was our first speaker and for many students of 2M-this was VERY, VERY exciting.
Fiona Williams is a Clinical Hlaughingypnotherapist, an Erickson Certified Professional Life Coach and a Facilitator of a Psychotherapy program. Fiona’s expertise is in the area of preventative mental health and she is passionate about teaching others the fundamentals of how their minds function. By observing her two nephews and niece grow, Fiona felt inspired to write “My Mind Book”, a children’s book which presents “laws of the mind”, the fundamentals of how the mind and its thoughts work. Presently Fiona has collaborated with her sisters, who collectively are a Nutritionist, Respiratory Therapist, and a Children’s Yoga Instructor and their friend who is a Mindfulness Teacher and Author, to create the Healthy, Happy Kids Initiative, a project aimed at educating both parents and children on well-being through interactive workshops.
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Fiona entered our space with a big, beautiful smile on her face! Awaiting silently on the carpet, was 18 eager little humans.

Unlike the rest of our Passionate speakers, Fiona was not presenting a passionate topic solely for our explorations phase. Fiona has actually connected with us to help coach us throughout the year of Awakening Passions. The title that the class and Fiona decided on was our AP Mind Coach. This role will help facilitate students learning journeys and reflections, provide opportunity for strategies on the tricky explorations and the positive check-ins with students throughout their year.

Fiona started off sharing a little bit about herself and her journey of becoming an author and a mindful coach.


Right from the start, we had a lot of questions!

Fiona shared some of the sections from her book, My Mind Book and talked to the class about getting to know themselves and listening to what their minds and hearts are saying.
We explored the idea of cause and effect-how our thoughts are connected to our emotions. It was interesting because Fiona said that she felt a little bit nervous about joining us and it turns out, we felt a little nervous too!

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We explored our dreams and goals. It was interesting listening as Fiona shared her journey of becoming an author. We learned how she started with a simple thought and the road that led her to publishing her first book! We learned about all of the people that supported her journey. Many of us connected to this because like Fiona, our family helps us achieve our goals too!


Fun Fact about Fiona: her dad did the illustrations of her book!

We talked about how we can support one another when we are having a tough moment or day! We role-played asking for help when we were feeling upset as well, as asking our classroom family members how they needed to be supported when we observed that they might be feeling down.

Fiona then led us into a heart practice. This was tricky for some of us. Fiona guided us to place our hands on our hearts and offer positive thoughts ourselves. It was interesting watching the responses of the class. Some said “it felt silly to say that to myself” while others mentioned “it made me feel calm”. 

This led into an activity where students were asked to reflect on their time with Fiona and when they felt brave to do so, they were encouraged to take part in a mirror activity. In a quiet corner of the classroom, a mirror had been set up. As students felt the desire, they went over to the mirror and offered a positive and kind words to his/herself. It was a beautiful sight to observe. Most the students were engaged in his/her reflections-through sketching, writing and wondering about their time with Fiona. Others were quietly making their way towards the mirror to offer positive self love to themselves.

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Our space was gentle and peaceful, yet very engaging.

Our time with Fiona went by quickly. As the day wrapped up, there were many grateful acknowledgements regarding our time with her.

It was a fabulous bucket-filling day in 2M’s world of Awakening Passions. We were so lucky to connect with Fiona and start our project off with such powerful self reflections.

If you like connecting with Fiona or wish you learn more, please check out the following links:

My Mind Book can be found at Chapters–click HERE

Her website is ALMOST ready for viewing–it should be up by the first week of December. Please check it out :  www.healthyhappykidsinitiative.ca


Thank you, Fiona for guiding us through the day. We look forward to your next visit and coaching session!

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