Use Google Doc Embedder and Google Drive embedder

Google Doc Embedder

This plugins name is misleading.  Google Doc embedder does not access files in your google account. This plugin takes documents that have been uploaded into your WP media library ( Add Media tab ) and then displays them using a google viewer window.

If you are getting a GDE profile error when you upload an attachment and try to display it with the GDE shortcode, the solution is to deactivate and then re-activate the GDE plugin.

How To:

  1. log in with an admin account
  2. go to dashboard – plugins – and scroll down the the “Google Doc Embedder” plugin
  3. deactivate the plugin
  4. reactivate the plugin

Google Drive Embedder

This plugin is connected directly to your Google App’s drive folder and allows you to display files stored in Google Drive within a WP post.  The document permissions follow the settings in Google and are controlled by your google account. ( Add Google File tab )