Welcome to our public WordPress service

Purpose of Service:

The”SchoolBlogs” WordPress server is designed as a multi-purpose service that allows RVS staff to create public blogs and password protected blogs.
If you are looking for a secure blogging service, you might want to try our “CreativeBlogs” service.

Blogging is a great way to engage your students and community in the learning.

Before you start up a blog you should:

  1. decide on the purpose…  Is this going to be a public site or private,  will you be curating the content or do you want students building, is it a project site, class website, learning portfolio etc…
  2. map out how you want the site to look and how information is going to be displayed…  choose your theme early
  3. build the pages you will need and add them to the menu
  4. create your categories and use them to organize your posts