Customize your Links/Blogroll

If you want to organize¬† your links and separate them into their own widget, you will need to create “Link Categories” and then assign you links to the correct category.

  • select “Dashboard”
  • select “Links”
  • select “Link Categories”
  • fill in the name and slug (URL) field
  • select “add new category” button at the bottom
  • repeat if you need more categories

To add links to your new category structure

  • select “Links”
  • select ” Add New”
  • fill the correct information for the link name and web address
  • select the correct category for the Categories area
  • save

It is also possible to rename a category after it has been created.¬† For example, you can change the Widget “Blogroll” to “Class 8-5 Portfolios” by editing in the Links categories tab.