17 May 2018

5SC #12 Adam

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There is 3  boats and they are wide 2 of them are small and 1 of them are big and there are 5 brown boats won of the small boats are wide and the other small boat is the wide’is boat because it is a sail boat and there is a person in the boat and the person is trying to get out.

I see a house and they are big because there are 3 familys liveing in that house and thats why the house is big and there is a resterront so peopel at the city can eat and right be side the resterront there is a littil shed right be side the resterront.

The geese are flying and some are in the water because they are taking a shawer because they are dirtey and they want to be clean and not to be dirtey.

Some trees are small and some are big because some are on hills and some are not and some trees are in the forst and some trees are close to the boats and some are by the houses and some trees are close to the stores and there are some at the farm because he is saleing trees at the farm.

All of the houses are old and they are made of wood because there are not alot of materials in the city because the city dos’int have lots of materials like briks metel conckrek.

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