9 Feb 2018

100WC #19 britni

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this is a true story about some little girls and boys thare names are: Bella,Taya,Blake,Alana,Gamble,Liam,Evalen,Everet,Emet and me the year was 2015 and we all had a water fight we used my water guns from my my shed it was vary fun and cool but the water it came down the drainpipe and hit me very i mean very i started to cry a i mean a lot a lot you do not want to know haw mach i cried that week not want to know…have you had a water fight in your life please if you do don’t do what this story please pretty please don’t.

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  1. Ms Ferguson Says:

    Excellent story Britni. Careful of your capital letters, you are a VIP so give yourself a capital I! Keep up the good work. Ms Ferguson Team 100 (Ireland)

  2. Annaliese Says:

    Brilliant story! please make sure you check your spellings, punctuation and wording of your sentences.

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