9 Feb 2018

100EWC # 19 Jiya

Author: Jiya Sidhu | Filed under: Uncategorized

So one sunny day a boy named Hayden he had his super penny soon it started raining and ┬áhis penny fell down the drain but… he saw a new penny it came down the drainpipe .he did not care but something mysterious was going to happen when time for bed he twisted his foot NO!!!that was a sine of bad luck but he found out after a few days he put the penny back where he found it and got the old penny back

and that’s why you should not take stuff that’s not yours .

The End !


2 Responses to “100EWC # 19 Jiya”

  1. Annaliese Says:

    That’s really good Jiya. I felt really bad for your character, who lost his super penny, watch out for spelling and punctuation: such as sign you have spelled as sine. Please check out our website: http://stonewithwoodfordschool.primaryblogger.co.uk/


  2. Avril Says:

    Hi Jiya, I think you’ve highlighted a very important lesson here – not to take things that don’t belong to us. However, next time, remember to read over your story and put in your full stops to make proper sentences.

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