7 Feb 2018

100WC #19 DANNY

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Once upon a time there was  two giant bottles of water  and  it came down the drainpipe and the water landed in a gigantic bucket  and buckets didn’t have enough space so that the water can go After there was more water that came down the drainpipe and the bad thing is  that there were no buckets left to let the water go and what it happened was that the water go on the grass  to the ground and after a while the grass was overflowed with water then the grass was all green that it was so full and it might be really full.


2 Responses to “100WC #19 DANNY”

  1. Janet Chapman Says:

    I really like your description Danny. I can picture the water! Make sure you separate your sentences with capitals and periods to help your ideas flow.

  2. Anj Says:

    This is such a brilliant story Danny! I like your use of descriptive words. You could experiment with different sentence lengths! Keep up the good work.

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