26 Jan 2018

100WC #17 Sonia

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I was getting ready for school in the morning.my dad checked a clock to see how much time we had before we had to leave.when I was putting a ice pack in my lunch I saw a red apple in my lunch.I was walking to school with my dad and dog.When i got to school my teacher said we were learning about life cycles I liked how the Frog life cycled. At lunch time I had a gummy snake in my lunch. before I went to school I changed in to my clothes for school,had cheerios for breackfast, brushed my teeth,read for a little while

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  1. Ms Breyley Says:

    Hi Sonia, we think this is a really good use of all the prompt words. We like the bit where you said you liked how the frog life cycled. We thought that perhaps you could have put all of the things you did before school at the start.

    from Burravoe School, Shetland Islands

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