18 Jan 2018


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There is allot of books because it is a book shop and there is a little grill out side on the bench.

And she looks like she is reading a book and she is pointing where she is reading .

Busied the grill there is a cat that is sleeping on the bench and the cat is very cute and fuzzy.

There is flowers on top of the book shop and it is very colour full  and  brit and the colour for all the flowers on top of the shop are propel, green,pink.

And  there is books out side where the grill is or where the bench is.

2 Responses to “5SC#7~puneet”

  1. Mrs Skinner Says:

    Hello Puneet!
    What great sentences!
    I love the way you have told your reader where everything is placed – beside, on top. I really like how you have explained how she is reading, following with her finger.
    Thank you for posting on 5SC this time!

  2. Miss Witherspoon Says:

    Hi Puneet!
    I love your sentences! You described the cat very well.
    I really like that you told us where things were. It really set the picture for me!
    Well done!


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