15 Nov 2017

5SC #5 Xvier

Author: Xavier | Filed under: Uncategorized

Why is thair a hors with a carerji.

Why is thair a fareistwell spiing.

Why is thair a bot foting in the water.

How big is the hases in rylife.

How big is is the lake if i wer to stande thair.

2 Responses to “5SC #5 Xvier”

  1. Mrs Skinner Says:

    These are great sentences Xvier!
    what a great idea to ask your readers questions. Do you know what a sentence asking a question has at the end of it?

    See if you can find out.

  2. DR. Stone, M, J. Says:

    Hi Xavier,

    I loved your questions regarding this picture, very thought provoking. I am too interested about the size of a horse, maybe some time could be spent to research it? love the use of capital letters!

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