23 May 2018

5SC #10 Zyana

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I see a ferris wheel that is a redish kind of grey with white and a red boat with random looking words or something.

I see 2 people in the corner, I think the man is eating vanilla ice cream.

I feel like theres a raft a yellow one with a black stripe I dont really know if it is since its kind of cut out of the picture and I see light blue blue blue sky with white clouds and a very dark blue ocean so theres the front one and the back one.

I see rocks and the rocks are very close to the water and I think I see some cement and I see flags.

I  like the flags because their very colourful and there’s blue yellow pink and white.

23 May 2018

100WC #25 Alida

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 A loud scream came from the barn. Two girls named Katlin and Kate rushed to the barn together. “up here.” said the person up high in the barn. “don’t worry we are going to help you get down.” said Kate. “this is so dangerous

23 May 2018


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I love winter because it is cool when it snow’s and because winter is very pretty. said squeaks the black

But troy the puppy said. But winter is so cold brr

Look said

 . But troy the puppy said. But winter is s

23 May 2018

100WC#30 Britni

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Books are due next Tuesday. Said the teacher. our class is 4wn we are doing laptops right know it is fun give me  5    that is what our teacher does when we are beaing to loud or we need to be more quiet.

school is fun

23 May 2018


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1.I see a dollhouse that a little girl and her granddad are working on.

2.Their are a lot of tools and wood and also some glue and paint and a lot of tool box’s.

3.It looks like their is a broken toy car or maybe a broken fan.

4.The house outside of the shed looks familiar it looks like our first 5SC picture and some flowers and a hose and it looks like their is a old fashion radio.


23 May 2018


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first I see water it looks like an ocean it looks pretty

next I see a big boat it has two poles they are orange I wonder ephfvqerhgpfvabnef

23 May 2018


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First I see a house or maybe a store the building is called THE FALCON INN.

Next I see another building I don’t know what it could be maybe a church I’m not sure.

After I see  a man he is at the back of a truck he is puting

23 May 2018

100 word challenge#27-blaise

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A long time ago there was a brother and sister named Jack and Niky . they where poor but kind. one day there mom got killed by a army man

17 May 2018

5SC #12 Adam

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There is 3  boats and they are wide 2 of them are small and 1 of them are big and there are 5 brown boats won of the small boats are wide and the other small boat is the wide’is boat because it is a sail boat and there is a person in the boat and the person is trying to get out.

I see a house and they are big because there are 3 familys liveing in that house and thats why the house is big and there is a resterront so peopel at the city can eat and right be side the resterront there is a littil shed right be side the resterront.

The geese are flying and some are in the water because they are taking a shawer because they are dirtey and they want to be clean and not to be dirtey.

Some trees are small and some are big because some are on hills and some are not and some trees are in the forst and some trees are close to the boats and some are by the houses and some trees are close to the stores and there are some at the farm because he is saleing trees at the farm.

All of the houses are old and they are made of wood because there are not alot of materials in the city because the city dos’int have lots of materials like briks metel conckrek.

9 May 2018


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1. First I see two bulidings I think they are homes or hotels.

2. Next I see three boats one is really big and two are small .

3. After I see swans swiming there is one thats about to fly away.

4. Now I see lots of people walking infront of the lake

5. I see trees in the back round.

9 May 2018


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I can see boats and a crew ship.

I see ducks and swans.

Why are there boats?

I think  ther is a segle?

I wonder  wher  this is?

9 May 2018


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1. The flag on the red boat looks like a similar flag.

2. I see the flag of the United Kingdom.

3. It looks like there is green and yellow balloons.

4. It looks like there is a swan on a house.

5. There a tiny house in the corner.

9 May 2018

5SC #12 Safah

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There are 2 boats with people on it because people are taking boat rides .

There are swans in the lake .

I see diffrent types of trees .

I see a mother duck and a father duck with the baby ducks .

I see a house that is a light grey colour .


9 May 2018

5SC #12 jameson

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i see lots of trees.

i see lots of houseis.

i see lots of people.

i see lots of people riding a bote.T6

9 May 2018

100wc #30 Kayla

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I ordered a pillow yesterday. it came a week after I ordered it. I was at school. The question is when did it arrive I said   when did it arrive. WHEN WHEN WHEN  (I screamed really loud)  that got me grounded for ahh 3 weeks. My dad was really jealous that mom got to go to Mexico. With friends and he wasn’t  invited so he was a mad man with me. I wish I had taken the offer mom asked me. If wanted to go to my cousins house I regret saying no to that and that is how I spent my weekend with daddy-o

9 May 2018

100WC #30 Danny

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There was a train from a station from the north pole to one of the stations in N. America and the train had a lot of people on deck and the seats were all full and it was Christmas.
After that Santa came on the train and gave all the kids a belt and when the train arrived at N.America in the morning the people on the train from the north pole when everyone came out of a train one of the kid forgot its belt on the train and also the people in the north pole gave  customers  books.
8 May 2018

5SC#12 Mtayis

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I see boats and a house.

Now there trees and kids.

There stores and doors.

There six birds flying.

Because there ducks in the water.

7 May 2018


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I see bots and a flag and some swons.I see people and trees.I see a nothr flag and more brids.I see a cafa people are eating.I see tow homes.

7 May 2018

100WC#30 Jessica

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When I was littel my father told me a ledgand of  a iland that was crused ‘when did it arrive?’  I said my dad answered in wrold war2 it came some people said it was a trap or a bomb the othere nation planted the other nation thoght the same thing then a group whent to the mistryious iland but they never came  back one of the scouts said when the group was comig back home a gaint monster eat them hole then my father said the iland is here under us  he said goodnight and left and if you listen closely  you can here growels

4 May 2018

100WC #28 puneet

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This week we have a very strange appearance  in the woods and when I saw that that gave me night mares because we where on a camping trip and I had to sleep on my own and there was ants and RED ANTS after that night it was morning and then we went hiking and we saw all sorts of animals there was deers and there was mostly trees and grass and we saw it agin it was like a leg but no face or body but legs and it was red and I gotta say that was the best camping trip!

4 May 2018

100WC #29 MANRAJ

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One day in Oklahoma there was this man named crimson and he lived in a pretty misty area and frantically he had a grave but he wasn’t dead so he was very confused and he called up the grave guys and he asked “um hello this is crimson Edwards speaking and I know i’m not dead so why is my grave in the graveyard” and they said “oh sorry sir we take it out ASAP” and crimson said “ok very well then call when you guys take it out and I will check to see if you are lying or not” To be continued… goodbye.





2 May 2018

100WC #29 Danny

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I saw a boy that shouted at a crimson by a bird looking mad at the boy and the boy was frantically and grave when the boy was by the crimson.
after that the boy was so mad that he fell in the woods and the crimson ran away like the boy did but the crimson did not fell in the woods like the boy did.
The boy name was INKAY Like INKAY from Pokemon and the boy INKAY wasn’t that strong as the Pokemon INKAY and INKAY is kind of a weak boy that cannot defeat a crimson and the crimson was happy after
2 May 2018

100WC #29 Rohan

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I was at the grave the grave were a misty fog grew  some tiems i would frantically go in fear becuase of the mist it was a red mist kind of a crimson red each day i go too the same grave the mist will wisper in my ear leav personilly i wonder what that means i go too the grave one last time but nothing hapens to me i go back home to see no one their and then i relise the curse of the grave yard is real the crimson mist takes me away i have one more left. the end

2 May 2018

100WC #29 Sonia

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Im Liliana . I just came back from playing with my freinds Sophie and Sophia they are twins.  I was outside with the twins when I saw a grave. there were lots of birds around the grave so I put some crimson on the ground so the birds wouldn’t bug me. The grave was  misty. I walked toward the grave  the twins shouted “WHERE ARE YOU LILIANA WE HAVE TO GO HOME SOON” they were frantically scared. Liliana came back “where did you go?” said the twins “come” said Liliana she showed them the grave “Its creepy we should go” said Sophie. we left.

the end

1 May 2018

100WC #29 Jiya

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One day Alissa was making sinmon buns she franticlally  made 20 to share with all  her frinds .when she opend the oven she said it so misty she barly sould see .she shouted HELP HELP HELP!!! I’ll save you said a superhero and the superhero was batman . hi batman said alissa hello said batman here lay down on the crimson coulerd couch. oooo nice couch thanks here are all 20 sinmon buns who do you want me to diliver them to alissa thoght that some people don’t have foodso she said I want to give them to the homless kids .to be coutined

the end


bye bye

1 May 2018

100WC#28 Britni

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I see legs in the woods that are red attached to the tree with feet that are red too I think it is very weird and crazy how ever made that maybe the person was going to make a person.

Or it is for remembering someone I don’t know maybe it was just for fun. 

I see the knee’s bending it is red

it’s foot is raped in grass or moss mabbie for it to stay up I don’t know.

 I think it is a hole body or just leg’s or it was full but then got cut…

by by.

1 May 2018

5SC #11 Safah

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A man is taking milk out.

A man is riding a bike.

I see a house covered with vines.

I  see birds on a table.

I see a bus that is letting  people in.

30 Apr 2018

100WC #29 Jessica

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I was a newspapre delivere as I roded my bike down the street.It was a evaning when I dilverehe papers so brids come out as they caw at me if you listen cloeseley its like they shouted to me warning me as I get closer and closer to thwe end od the block i droped some crimson so the brids would leave me alone . i rech the end of the block i get off my bike and walk up to the front door a streange misty fome comes put of the window i frantically drope the I look in the paper  it says.. BY BY

26 Apr 2018

100WC #28 Sonia

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hi my name is Sophia and I have a project where I have to write a 100 words for this promt. Ok There are plenty of trees around. what is this made out of?  andWho builded this structure?  this makes me feel weird about this because why would the build this in the middle of the woods?  why did they build this? and what is it for? hmm what else oh why is it red?? look close you can see that the foot is raped in grass ok all done yay!!! Now I can hand it in!! that was hard. done.

26 Apr 2018

100WC #28 Alida

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Once there were two girls. They went into the forest and saw what they thought was a statue. One of the girls looked at the statue and she said that the statue was weird looking. The other girl said it looked weird to. And then the girls thought “could the statue possibly hear them.” Now they felt scared of the statue in front of them. In fact the statue could hear them the statue now felt sad and mad at the same time. So the statue came above the ground and stared chasing the two girls and they were never to be seen again.