100 WC Week 21

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One day a women named Mavel got married with Sammaule. They both were gingerly when they had a baby named Grace. Sammaule discovered that his daughter grace wanted a yellow house. They moved to a hotel, however another girl was born. … Read More

100WC Week #23

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Once there was a 12 year old boy, his name was Lincoln. He has never went into the woods before. His dad bought a yellow tent to camp in. It was a long drive to the campsite however when they got there it … Read More

100wc week 23

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A girl, it starts with a girl. A remarkable generous girl, however, it wasn’t always like so. One gorgeous afternoon on wel-way road, a girl, the girl, started walking her way to Ranchlands elementary school. She was like the regular … Read More

100WC Week#23

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Hi, my name is Eva I like dirt bikes, cats, pickles, camping and hate lires, I don’t like people who don’t have their own opinion and  yes I’m very weird. This story is about my friends Supreet, Kelsey, Pria, Erin, … Read More

100 WC week 23

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It was a hot sunny day and it was the weekend. Knock knock. My friend knocked on the door. Hello Jacob said. Hi. I replied. Um you have a yellow dot on your face. Jacob said. Oh I’ll go wash … Read More

100 wc week 23

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I pet my remarkable cat gingerly because she wouldn’t bite me however she still ended up scratching me. Then I discovered the food I was giving was not very good so I went to the store but my car broke … Read More

100WC – Week#23 – Erin

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A long time ago in a far away land, there was a remarkable, adventurous boy named Steve. He decided to ride his horse, and go exploring. “Don’t be long” said his mother as he went farther away. Steve rode his horse … Read More

100 WC # 23

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Ahh! Screamed Liz as she saw the hairdresser chop off her long remarkable golden yellow hair. The hairdresser tried to calm Liz down but she was having none of it. Liz jumped off the salon chair and got down on … Read More

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